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Really nice, everything use grid tool or other tools to draw. Perfect outline represent the excitement of the game (what am I saying about.) if everything keep moving and switching animations will be crazy cool (what am I saying about if that is, youtube is better.)

greatly focusing on animation, player 8 ways movement animation too.

I don't care the difficulty or the grindy gameplay with SAVE & LOAD thing, this type of gameplay mainly just for watching different attack animations and all the others things are jerks, there is even no improvement exists, except spamming 200 attack animations, otherwise you can't claim it is a long game#

Really cool enough, can't find anything bad for a demo game. And it is hard to say about people love tower defense game for that much (if you lose reset to wave 1 but not wave 5 or wave 10 etc----so, if they fail on wave 20, you know they get OOXXoOXXOxooXOXOXOXOXOX.) At least make your demo be more comfortable. With less tower defense game atmosphere.

TristanMX responds:

Noted, will also add a way to continue on a wave after you loose all your lifes.

Thanks for the feedback, it will soon be on googleplay also, don't forget to support me with a download.

I hope you just give chance for people to skip levels those are below 3% successful rate to pass, not stuck the people in those levels for 6+ minutes long hahaha, that is crazy boring, and the main reason why the rating is dropping now.

Just dizzy, I don't feel other things from the 3D. The best thing of 3D is, giving a shadow (darker color) for an object... Shadow is a key, but there is already a key in front of us, clone, oh, best. Yeah, what am I saying about is, 3D doesn't give me reason to boost the rating even if that is what---Daily 5th Place.

Zombies are too cute,
human(player and NPCs) ways too ugly.

likliklik0 responds:

Lol Ok

Good Megaman game

Block will stop your attack. Maybe freeze or stun just the god



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